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Ensuring business writing is eye-catching, interesting and persuasive is a challenge – whether writing case studies, website text, press releases ... whatever.

In my book I use my 10 years professional journalism experience (writing features for national newspapers such as The Guardian and The Daily Telegraph) to provide concise and practical help for all kinds of writing jobs in the workplace – tips to make your writing jobs take less time, win more customers, and have more impact.

The book has 170 tips (10 per chapter), as well as key points, best practice copywriting examples, exercises, and references for further reading.

You will benefit from guidance in areas such as:

  • How to Write with Ease and Speed
  • Tips from Professional Writers
  • How to Grab Readers’ Attention
  • Make Your Writing Memorable
  • Writing for Particular Outputs


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  • 'Packed with a wealth of information presented in a lively, engaging and attractive format.' - L Gordon. 
  • 'Comprehensive, easy to use ... to appeal to anyone who needs to produce fact or fictional text.' - MD.
  • 'A must for the book shelf of a business oriented writer. Considerable aspects are covered plus more. This is a Business Writing Tips bible for inspiration and success.' - K Villet.
  • 'I’d recommend this book wholeheartedly to anyone who needs help to get going.' - S Parsons
  • 'There are few things in life that far exceed their monetary value, and for £9 this book does that.' - D Perrin
  • 'Well written, and easy to read and understand... clear and concise, and easy to follow.' - S Collins 
  • 'Easy to dip in and out of ... should be on everyone's shelf.' - B Scobie
  • 'Short, sharp and to the point. It is an excellent guide for all people in business who need an easy to read reference book.' - A Tomkinson


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"A readable, practical and usable book that rounds up numerous ideas into small, workable groups. I can certainly recommend it for marketing, sales or internal communications.”

Bob Bradley, Managing Director, MD2MD. Vice-President, Oxfordshire Chamber of Commerce

"Robert uses his years of rich experience to give you confidence to write, practical guidance and tips, plus easy tools and ideas – improving your communication by several gears."

Timon Colegrove. CEO Hunts, Oxford. Chair, Institute of Directors, Oxfordshire


“Robert is an excellent trainer, and this will be a useful supplement to his courses. It is a practical and accessible guide – full of good ideas and tips to give your written communications more impact."

Chrissie Wright, Director of Training Services, Directory of Social Change



Business Writing Tips

List of Contents



What makes writing hard
How to write with ease and speed


Write for your audience
Learn from the professionals
Who’s talking?
Grab reader’s attention
How to overcome writing’s challenges


Ways to make your writing memorable
Persuading your readers


Improve your website
Tips for case studies, features and blogs
Increase your report’s impact
Securing media interest


Ten common grammatical and other mistakes
Punctuation made simple
BEFORE you press ‘Print’


Watch out! Watch out!



Background to the book

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