Dangers of emails/emailing … They are a P-E-S-T

Posted on April 19, 2017 in Copywriting, Editing/Proofreading, Journalism, Training, Writing books

Dangers of emails/emailing … They are a P-E-S-T

Here is my P-E-S-T of emails and emailing

P ressure
of workplaces makes us over hasty when sending emails – or not check and work, and therefore make mistakes.

E motions are hard to convey in text, and can easily be misread by readers who don’t know us etc.  So, don’t email when annoyed, nor late at night/end of the week.  Second, be careful of writing overly strong views (e.g. ‘best’, ‘worst’) and stating firm negatives (‘We don’t do that…’ and ‘We can’t help you’), which can sound rude and abrupt to the recipient.  Third, be careful of using subtle emotions (like irony or humour) which people will not realise.

S eduction and speed of emails means we check up on them far far too often (Admit it!).  And we often reply to them within minutes, which means without thought, pre-planning, checking or proofreading.  Don’t be seduced into that way of working.

T echnology of emails means any errors we make are right there in print, and can’t be retracted.  Which means that any typos and mistakes, plus personal/private remarks, might be shared with people that you didn’t mean to include.  Oh no!


Remember the PEST of emails – put this acronym above your computer, as a reminder.


Don’t regret sending that email …