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TRAINING in writing skills

Write with ease and speed, confidence and impact – 90-minute and day-long courses.

COPYWRITING for businesses

Get fresh ideas – Add some polish – Improve your website, brochure or case study.

COPYEDITING / PROOFREADING - for academics & businesses

Replace errors and typos with consistency and clarity – Books, reports and leaflets. (SfEP accreditation)

170 TIPS for Business Writing (my book)

Practical and effective – For the workplace and other non-fiction writing.


Short of time? ... Going through multiple drafts?


Something missing, or not right, in your document?


Get some fresh ideas. Get your job done


Consider a writing pro.  Call upon experience 

MY WRITING STORY ... (in just 4 paragraphs)

Since my childhood I have always loved books, newspapers and magazines – in particular those that are clearly and engagingly written.  Yes, I was the kid who loved semi-colons and unusual fonts, and hunted out 'Classic' novels.


So it was no surprise that, in 2003, I tackled my childhood dream ... of becoming a journalist.  Starting out on the Shropshire Star, I quickly moved up to The Daily Telegraph and Guardian (working as a freelance feature writer).


Now some back story ...  In an earlier career, what I had enjoyed most was sharing my knowledge, and helping others to learn and improve their skills.  So in 2008 I fused together my two greatest interests (writing and sharing my skills) and became a trainer in business writing skills and non-fiction writing ... [More backstory: I also started doing copywriting and copyediting.]

I now work for clients in London, Oxford, and the elsewhere in the Thames Valley – but I have also delivered training far far beyond - from Birmingham to Brussels, and Southampton to Saudi Arabia.


When not working, I am an active member of the following writing groups/organisations:


Writers in Oxford (chair)
*  Oxford Publishing Society
*  Society for Editors and Proofreaders (former co-ordinator, Oxford group)
*  West Oxford Reading Group
*  National Union of Journalists




My writing tally, 2003–19

890+   writing assignments

325         writing training courses delivered

2480       people trained

470         websites reviewed

102         books copy-edited/proofread

1             book authored



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