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TRAINING in writing skills

Learn to write with ease, inspiration and impact on my range of 1-day/90-minute courses.

COPYWRITING for businesses

Get some fresh ideas and a professional polish to improve your website, brochure, case study, etc.

COPYEDITING / PROOFREADING - for academics & businesses

Weed out any errors and check for consistency and clarity - books, reports, leaflets, etc. (SfEP accreditation)

170 Business WRITING TIPS (my book)

Practical and effective tips that will help any kind of writing, and not just at work.


Short of time ... Going through multiple drafts?

Use a writing pro.  Get your job done.


Something missing/not right in your document?

–- Get an expert's eye and experience.

MY WRITING STORY .. . In just 4 paragraphs

Since my childhood I have always loved books, newspapers and magazines – in particular those that are clearly and engagingly written.  Yes, I was the kid who loved semi-colons and unusual fonts, and hunted out 'Classic' novels.


So it was no surprise that, in 2003, I tackled my childhood dream ... of becoming a journalist.  Starting out on the Shropshire Star, I quickly moved up to The Daily Telegraph and Guardian (working as a freelance feature writer).


Now some back story ...  In an earlier career, what I had enjoyed most was sharing my knowledge, and helping others to learn and improve their skills.  So in 2008 I fused together my two greatest interests (writing and sharing my skills) and became a trainer in business and non-fiction writing skills ... [More backstory: I also started doing copywriting and copyediting.]

I now work for clients in London, Oxford, and the elsewhere in the Thames Valley – but I have also delivered training far far beyond - from Birmingham to Brussels, and Southampton to Saudi Arabia.


When not working, I am an active member of the following writing groups/organisations:


Writers in Oxford (chair)
*  Oxford Publishing Society
*  Society for Editors and Proofreaders (former co-ordinator, Oxford group)
*  West Oxford Reading Group
*  National Union of Journalists




My writing tally, 2003–19

890+   writing assignments

325         writing training courses delivered

2480       people trained

470         websites reviewed

102         books copy-edited/proofread

1             book authored



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