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EVER since my childhood I have devoured books, newspapers and magazines.  Yes, I was that kid who loved semi-colons, unusual fonts and got hooked on 'Classic' novels.


DURING my 30s I picked up my childhood dream ... of becoming a journalist.  My mission: to uncover great stories and to tell them rivetingly — and crystal-clear — to a global audience.  Dream accomplished: I was soon writing features for The Daily Telegraph and The Guardian.


REDRAFTING, sorting out and polishing texts is another private passion.  So parallel strings to my bow became copywriting, copyediting and proofreading.  And when the internet gobbled up my journalism, I leapt into training people in business and non-fiction writing.  This fuses two of my drivers: writing and sharing my expertise in order to help others.  Dream squared.


TURN to these pages and you will see my big-name clients — Oxford University — the World Trade Organisation — the European Commission.  Read these testimonials and see other satisfied clients in London, Oxford and across the Thames Valley.  During 13+ years I have trained everywhere from Birmingham to Brussels, and Southampton to Saudi Arabia.


Professional bodies - When not working, I am an active member of the following writing groups/organisations:


Writers in Oxford (chair, 2015-20)
*  Oxford Publishing Society
*  Society for Editors and Proofreaders (co-ordinator, Oxford group, 2012-15)
*  West Oxford Reading Group
*  National Union of Journalists




My writing tally, 2003–22

1200+   writing assignments

500+          writing training courses delivered

3900+        people trained

490+          websites reviewed

74%           % delegates assessing my training skills 'very good' (2022)

110+          books copy-edited/proofread

1                books authored



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