8 Reasons for using a professional copywriter

Posted on March 9, 2019 in Copywriting

We encourage you to consider using a professional copywriter to draft the text for your new website.  Here are eight reasons why, connected with the written content and the production process :


  • Correct perspective – Being external to your business, a copywriter will see things from the perspective of one of your customers, not one of your staff.  So there’ll be better able to describe your service/product, and its benefits, and create copy that engages well with target customers.
  • Freer to ask questions – Because they are not one of your staff, freelancers are freer to ask questions that may arise when writing about your business – questions that a staff member might find awkward or hard to ask of colleagues or their boss.
  • Appropriate tone of voice – The way your website speaks must reflect your brand, the culture and values of your business, and match your customers’ expectations. A copywriter can ensure your tone of voice is consistent across all marketing collateral, and draw up tone of voice guidelines if you don’t have any.
  • Will go the extra mile – As ‘wordsmiths’, copywriters love playing with words.  So they have the experience, and are willing to go the extra mile, in order to find just the right words, phrasing and tone for your new website. 


  • Refresh/recycle existing content – If the text on your existing website has got a little tired or dated, a professional copywriter can refresh it and give it a new lease of life.
  • Websites are more powerful when the design and text work together – Your new website will use visual and written media, and their messages are more effective when the graphic design, images and words are created alongside one other. This can be achieved by your design agency and copywriter working closely together.
  • A perfect fit – Another benefit of developing design and written content in parallel is that approximate word-counts for body text can be agreed in advance, which means that draft text fits well first time around, rather than needing lots of cutting and editing later on.
  • Avoid delays to your new website – Most copywriters can write with ease and speed.  Not least because, once contracted, they will clear their diary for the job in hand.  Plus, they don’t have the everyday distractions and commitments of employees, which can sometimes hold up the launch of your new website.

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