Email tips – Follow “The 5 Ps”

Posted on October 10, 2017 in Copywriting, emailing

I wrote elsewhere about the challenges of writing emails … Leading on from that, here are my emailing tips for getting your email RIGHT- avoiding mistakes, keeping the right side of colleagues, and getting your email acted upon fast.

It all comes down to these email tips, or what I call ‘The 5 P’s’.


Tip No. 1 – The email’s Purpose

Before you start writing your email, think what you want to achieve from the email.  Think about the outcome, rather than just what you want to communicate, as the former may well require a more subtle or fuller approach than the latter. My first email tip.

Email tip No. 2 – Use the Phone 

Another email tip before you start writing … Think whether phoning might in this instance be a better option, eg if the subject is complicated, sensitive, or requires some two-way discussion – all of which would take far longer and be less effective if conducted through a series of emails.

Email tip 3 – Three Parts  

So, now you can start writing the email.  In my opinion, a three-part structure to emails is the most efficient format for enabling people to quickly digest what it is you are emailing about –  and to help them act upon whatever it is that you want them to do.  After all, if your email looks unappealing, and reads badly, they will ignore it for later on.

First, tell them the Context of your email (eg I am following up our phone call of yesterday).  Then give all the detailed Information that you need to convey, which may well be 1-3 paragraphs or bullet points.  And finally, at the end, which they are likely to scroll down to when they open your email, spell out what Action you want them to do, and by when (eg Can you get back to me this week?)

You can also use the first section, where the reader’s attention is at its greatest, to draw attention to things such as these:  Sorry this email is long … This email is really important … Please note the 4 things I need from you. 


Email tip 4 – Pause!   

Tempting though it may be, don’t send your email immediately after you have finished writing it – especially if it is long, has tricky content, or is important or likely to be contentious, etc. In these cases it will almost certainly benefit from a re-read.  Nobody gets these kinds of wriitng right first time.  So, my email tip is to leave it a while, send it to yourself, share it with a colleague, etc. … do anything to give yourself some critical feedback on its structure, content, and writing style/tone.


Final email tip – Polish & Proofread  

And finally, as with any piece of writing, don’t forget the importance of proofreading, which is more detailed editing than above.  If it is long email, print it out.  Why?  It is far easier to check printed content that what we see on screen – and we give it far more attention.  Check for typos etc. before sending … before you are embarrassed or annoyed with yourself, and before you accidentally send an email that you later regret.


There you have it – 5 email tips – The 5 P’s of emailing.


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