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Posted on February 29, 2016 in Writing books


“Habit has written more books than talent.”

The quote caught my attention recently in a talk by Philip Pullman.

Interesting eh?  And how true.

So, if you want to write that book idea of yours, don’t worry about the text needing to be perfect, or that you need something original so say … as Pullman says, what you need more than anything else is to make sitting down to scribble a regular habit. Then, before you know it your book will be written. (Although the timing for setting about the task has to be right as well.)

Here’s the story of how I was inspired to write my book – for those that don’t know it.



Writing – The power of stories

Talking of stories, here are two other quotes from the same talk I heard by Pullman – they are worth thinking about whether or not you like the man’s books:

  • “After nourishment, shelter and companionship, stories are the thing we need most in the world.”
  • “Stories are a particular structure, not random.  Think of interesting events and then put them in an order that makes them interesting.”

The quotes echo what I often tell clients. Look for a story in your case studies, newsletters and reports etc. – they are the most effective way to engage and persuade your readers.


Writing a book – 5 Benefits 

If you are wondering if writing a book is worth the effort, the benefits are huge – as I know from my own experience.

Here are What I have found to be the biggest benefits. (1) You will get increased recognition; (2) Doors will open to new markets and tender opportunities; (3) Your books will be great marketing collateral; and (4) Getting media coverage will be easier.  Plus (5) You will get some sales revenue, of course.


Writing?  Need some help?

If you need any help with your book or other writing, just let me know:

  • Reviews – feedback on a manuscript’s structure, style and content.
  • Checking – checking for typos and ensuring consistency etc.
  • Advice – help with publishing, self-publishing and how to promote sales.

Connected with these, I have a couple of training courses coming up:

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