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WRITING A BOOK… The timing has to be right, in terms of one’s work and availability, and these two threads are now coming together for me — I plan to write a book on Business Writing Tips this summer.  Even if I get delayed it will be published by January 2015.  How exciting is that!

Here is the rough plan for my new book.

The book’s aim is to provide easy and practical advice on around 20 writing topics (each of these chapters will have 10 hints and tips), aimed at a wide business audience — people who who want quick ideas for how to improve their writing and/or make it an easier process.

Can you think of any writing gaps?

Preparing to write 

  1. Business writing – don’t let yours be like this
  2. Writing is hard work, unless …
  3. How to write speedily and stress-free
  4. Follow the practices of writing’s maestros

Getting your writing going

  1. Want people to read your text?
  2. Ways to make your text memorable
  3. How to influence and persuade people
  4. Put punch into your print

Particular writing issues

  1. Writing’s essentials (Intros and Endings)
  2. Testimonials and quotes – increase not decrease their value
  3. Two underused techniques … (headings and sub-headings)
  4. How do you want to sound? (tone of voice)

Tidying up your writing

  1. Writers block?  Short of time?  Overcome writing’s challenges
  2. Grammar – avoid these commonest mistakes
  3. Punctuation made simple
  4. BEFORE you press ‘Print’, read this (proofreading).

Writing for particular outputs

  1. Writing for the web
  2. Blogging basics
  3. Improve your presence on LinkedIn
  4. Features and case studies
  5. News releases

And finally…

Books definitely worth reading.


PLEASE PLEASE let me know what you think of the planned contents.

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