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getAbstract recommends keeping this handy guide on your desk.’ getAbstract

‘The story of “It’s just a shower” is worth the cost of the book alone.’   Self-Publishing Magazine

‘Business Writing Tips is a book that promises to ease the transition to a better way of writing.’  Small Biz Trends

‘A solid resource in this business writing genre, and a useful addition to your bookshelf.’  procopywriters

On Amazon 

  • ‘Packed with a wealth of information presented in a lively, engaging and attractive format.’ – L Gordon.

  • ‘Comprehensive, easy to use … to appeal to anyone who needs to produce fact or fictional text.’ – MD.

  • ‘A must for the book shelf of a business oriented writer. Considerable aspects are covered plus more. This is a Business Writing Tips bible for inspiration and success.’ – K Villet.

  • ‘I’d recommend this book wholeheartedly to anyone who needs help to get going.’ – S Parsons

  • ‘There are few things in life that far exceed their monetary value, and for £9 this book does that.’ – D Perrin

  • ‘Well written, and easy to read and understand… clear and concise, and easy to follow.’ – S Collins

  • ‘Easy to dip in and out of … should be on everyone’s shelf.’ – B Scobie

  • ‘Short, sharp and to the point. It is an excellent guide for all people in business who need an easy to read reference book.’ – A Tomkinson

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