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Posted on February 10, 2015 in Copywriting

Why does corporate copywriting have to be so dull?

Below are three examples of what I think are copywriting best practice from my recent book – with my comments,  that I believe engage, attract customers and stand above their competitors.

Are there any best practice tips for your writing?

Let me know what your comments …


1.) Pret A Manger (website)

Our kitchens get replenished with wonderful ingredients early each morning and our Hot Chefs are often the first through the door. In their quest to keep our shelves full of oven-fresh, homely hot food, they bake in small batches. Little and often is the key. Straight from the kitchen. Hot off the shelves.

MY COMMENTS: I always love shopping here, and guess why?

  1. Note the accessible language (‘our’)
  2. There are also strong images and messages (‘oven-fresh, … small batches’)
  3. Some nice rhythms and alliteration (‘homely hot food’)
  4. Short sentences emphasise the final messages (‘Little and often is the key …. Hot off the shelves.’).


2.) Fairfield (advertisement)

IT’S JUST A SHOWER ISN’T IT? You could say that. Or you could say it’s a Samuel Heath ‘Fairfield’ shower. You could point out that it’s been meticulously formed from the purest European brass; then hand-polished and chrome-plated in up to 34 individual processes. You could say it’s manufactured entirely in the UK and it’s passed over 500 hours of salt spray and humidity testing. You could say it’ll last a lifetime. Or, of course, you could insist that it’s just a shower…

MY COMMENTS: Who would have thought of advertising a shower like this, but why not?

  1. This conjures up a lovely image, and an exclusive product (‘hand-polished’, ‘meticulously formed’).
  2. The detailed specifications convey uniqueness  (‘chrome-plated … 34 individual processes’).
  3. A lovely rhythm is created by mixing short and long sentences, and  repetition (‘You could say…’).
  4. To cap it all, the shower will fulfil customers’ dreams (‘it’ll last a lifetime’).


3.) Le Creuset (advertisement)

Le Creuset 25cm Oval Casserole Dish – Le Creuset is synonymous with high quality. The smooth enamel finish is durable and hygienic, meaning everything you stew, braise or simmer in a Le Creuset casserole will taste as good as you intended. It also means your dishes will look great on the hob, in the oven and on the table… Perfect for creating a variety of meals for one or side dishes for your meals. They are truly versatile and are perfect for marinating, baking, roasting, serving or simply storing.

MY COMMENTS: In my mind, some powerful and persuasive writing.

  1. The descriptive text puts the products in readers’ imagination (‘smooth enamel finish’, etc.).
  2. It will fulfil every cook’s dreams (‘will taste as good as you intended’, ‘your dishes will look great’).
  3. Key messages are repeated (‘perfect’).
  4. Putting things in threes creates a lovely punchy rhythm (‘on the hob, in the oven and on the table’.)


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