Good Business Writing – The Benefits

Posted on November 15, 2018 in Copywriting

Clear and effective written communication is an essential requirement of any business – be it for reports and proposals, press releases, marketing brochures, websites, or even everyday jobs such as email and letters.

The cost of poor writing is miscommunication, but also lost business opportunities, and a damaged company image and reputation.

Good writing isn’t as hard as writing in a foreign language, but there are some essential skills for all of us to learn. For example, how to

  • Write a press release that will grab media interest;
  • Compose web pages, reports and proposals that will engage and influence readers;
  • Write emails that get those everyday jobs done efficiently and smoothly.


Experienced trainer in writing skills

As an experienced trainer in business writing skills, I can offer SMEs a fairly unique blend of experience – described below.

  • As a former journalist (five years writing features for the Guardian and The Telegraph), I  can show directors and managers the tricks and techniques used by professional writers – so your writing is clear, engaging and effective.
  • My wide employment experience – I have worked as a manager in local government and the voluntary sector, and a private sector consultant – means I can relate well to many different types of business/organisation, their ethos and way or working … and their writing style.
  • Indeed, I have delivered training for high-profile clients such as the World Trade Organisation and European Commission, several high-street clients, and the University of Oxford’s Department of Continuing Education, for whom I deliver six business writing courses every year.

My training style is engaging and interactive.

According to people’s needs, I can run intensive, bit-sized, 90-minute sessions through to day-long courses.


Training ideas

A full list of my course repertoire is available here, on my website.

Would any of the topics already mentioned be of interest – or an amalgam of some of them, such as these?

  • Winning reports, proposals and press releases
  • How to attract and engage an audience – Marketing materials and press releases
  • Making your working day smoother – Tips for effective emailing
  • How to write with ease and speed
Not just a Copywriter - Also a Writing Trainer.
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