Index for Business Writing Tips (my book)

Posted on January 4, 2016 in Training, Writing books

The only real critique of my book, when I gave an interview at a book launch in Blackwell’s Oxford last year …

What about an index?

Well, I spent the quiet days of  January writing one, so the Index is now available  to those wanting it.


The index – what it features 

There are over 130 entries covering 3+ pages/columns, with guidance on the following items standing out – at least in terms of cited references, not actual pages.

  • Great practice examples of copywriting (12 entries)
  • How using quotes can help your writing  (7)
  • The benefits of structure – to speed up and improve your work (7)
  • Examples of grabbing first lines (7)
  • The importance of news hooks to win media coverage (5)
  • Abbreviations – i.e. the book covers grammar and punctuation, but not spelling (5)
  • How to use stories to beef up your writing (4)
  • Don’t forget to emphasise your key messages (4)
  • When and how to start/begin writing (4).

Happy Reading … and Happy New Year



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