Quality Writing – The 4 Ingredients

Posted on February 13, 2017 in Training

I give training in writing skills in many different¬†areas, drawing on my wide experience …

I know how to:

  • WRITE catchy headlines, so your article will stand out…
  • GRAB people’s attention in the first few paragraphs, so they get sucked in and read through to the end …
  • MAKE a piece flow well and give it ‘voice’, so customers buy into your ideas …
  • GIVE it impact and make it remembered, which is essentials for reports and funding bids.

And I have pooled together my thoughts into Writing-qualities-diagram, which I hope will help guide you in your writing.

There are four main areas to be aware of (listed below), and within each there are several ingredients that you need to get right.

  • Read and noticed
  • Clear and understood
  • Impact and remembered
  • Flows well, Enjoyable read

Here it is again, my Writing-qualities-diagram


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