Write better headings – EXAMPLES

Posted on March 26, 2015 in Copywriting, Training, Writing books

Headings really matter, and we all need to sharpen up our writing at times. Here are some less good and better examples from my recent book on Business Writing Tips – For Easy and Effective Results.

Below you can read what were the original headings to my book’s parts (in bold) and chapters … and what they were in the final version (in italics). Only a couple of parts/chapters did not change their headings/titles.

I think you will agree that the final headings/titles are more specific, more practical … and hopefully more compelling to read.


List of Contents

Background → Before you start writing

Where business writing went wrong → What makes writing hard

Write with ease and speed → How to write with ease and speed


General → Putting pen to paper

Write for your audience [no change]

Learn from the maestros → Learn from the professionals

Style and tone of voice → Who’s talking?

Intros and Endings → Grab reader’s attention

Overcoming writing challenges → How to overcome writing’s challenges


Particular issues → Achieving your goals

Make your writing memorable → Ways to make your writing memorable

Write with impact → Persuading your readers


Specific outputs → Writing for particular outputs

Writing for the web → Improve your website

Writing features → Tips for case studies, features and blogs

Increase your report’s impact [no change]

Securing media interest [no change]


Tidying up → Tidying your text

Grammar: commonest mistakes → Ten common grammatical and other mistakes

Punctuation made simple [no change]

Perfecting your copy → BEFORE you press ‘Print’


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