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Posted on July 30, 2014 in Training, Writing for the web

GOOD NEWS  … Demand for my training courses continues to be strong…

So, here are examples of the sort of training I do.

BUT first things first: I am in talks with 2 new training clients – the National Union of Journalists and Executive PA – for training courses that will start this autumn.  That’s exciting!

AND this month I gave a 5 training courses for a mix of public, private and third sector clients as follows:

  1. Writing for the web – University of Oxford, for Media Training
  2. Improving your Website and Blog – Reading Voluntary Action
  3. Report Writing – high-street retailer, for Kaplan UK
  4. Report Writing – county council, for Reed Learning
  5. Business Writing Skills – county council, for Reed Learning. 

Writing for the websites and blogs

It was great to be training again for Oxford University (it’s the fourth time I have been invited to do this course).  There is a lot in common between Oxford colleges’ and departments’ websites, so getting people together on a day like this provides really great opportunities for sharing and learning from one another.

At Reading Voluntary Action I covered both websites and blogging. It was a bit much for one day to tell the truth, but in an exciting new project RVA have employed a team of ‘citizen journalists’ who will go and cover all the town’s events and write them up as blogs.  After my course they should have the tools for the job.


Report writing

Reports can make or break a project, a funding decision, and an organisation’s or person’s reputation.  But they don’t come out of thin air. If you want a really good one it needs some advance planning, creative data collection, and good writing-up and editing skills.

My course is for those who may be new or inexperienced in report writing – or want to brush up their skills. It briefs delegates on the need to clarify a report’s objectives, usage and audience.  It guides them on how to write a first-class Executive Summary.  And it helps them with editing and proofing, report layout and design, and what constitutes an appropriate writing style.

As a bonus, I also give delegates feedback on one of their reports.


Business Writing Skills

Good written communication skills are essential for a smooth functioning office.  But not all of us had a solid education and it may have been years – even decades – since some of us were last in the classroom.  As a result, some people lack confidence and ideas for tackling writing jobs.

My practical, one-day course gives delegates lots of tips to improve their. It covers, for example: the tricks used by writing’s professionals (Meastros, Marketers and those who write for Mass Markets); how to save time and reduce stress by careful advance planning; and a brush up on punctuation and grammar.


Remember my training offer ..

If you make an enquiry and within 2-3 days you will get:

1.  Draft agenda and course outline – for your approval
2. Delegate workbook – FREE sample
3. Quote for the job – valid for 30 days.


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