Why blog – Why bother blogging?

Posted on April 2, 2014 in Copywriting, Writing for the web

You might well ask.

Well, here are 3 reasons to consider – for those in doubt.

  • Hobby bloggers get a lot of satisfaction.
  • Political bloggers can have huge influence.
  • And professionals and entrepreneurs cite 3 benefits: recognition, new clients and increased income.

That data – and more of it – can be found in The State of the Blogosphere, a survey conducted by Technorati in 2011, but not apparently repeated since.



There are some amazing blogs out there once you start to look around.  Not just well-known (largely political) ones such as Guido Fawkes – whose blog earns him a reputed £100,000+ p.a. from advertising and stories sold to newspapers – but also ones such as these two:

Both those two won lucrative publishing contracts on the back of the profile generated from their blogs, which is another reason to blog, and why many self-publishing authors do.


Get Blogging!

20 people attended my recent course (of this title) that I held in Oxford for the University’s Department of Continuing Education.  In fact, it looks like the interest in blogging is far greater – 21 not 20 attended, because there was a mix-up in one person’s booking, AND someone on the reserve list took the initiative of recruiting me to do an additional course for her and her business network.

Those who attended were going to blog on all kinds of things, including:

  • Namibian travel, and Round the world yachting
  • Publishing, and Politics.
  • The life and times of being a publican
  • More familiar topics such as: Advice for small businesses, and Food and wine.


Ready to blog?

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