Why write a book? – The business benefits

Posted on March 30, 2011 in Writing books

WRITING A BOOK is a great way to grow your business.

To some this may sound a whaky idea, to others it’s a ‘MUST DO’. For those in doubt, have patience and allow me to explain.

First, let’s debunk three myths…

A business book DOESN’T have to be long… you DON’T have to be a great writer … I bet you ALREADY HAVE half a book written in notes and other material.

Of course there are challenges to writing a book. But, like any large activity, when broken down into manageable chunks it is easy for anyone motivated and driven.

What is more, self-publishing has made it EASIER AND CHEAPER THAN EVER.

What other way can you be sure to:

– PROFILE – Get noticed and recognised; secure media interest
– PRESENCE – Leapfrog into new, higher paying markets; get onto tender lists
– PROFIT – Stand out from the competition; create a ‘Wow’ factor with customers

The market for business books is growing. An increasing number of businessmen and women from large companies are putting ‘pen to paper’. And it’s easy to see why. Here is an experienced person’s view:

“A published book can bring a string of powerful indirect benefits. It can boost a CV. It can take the place of a business card, with 1000 times the impact. It can open up lucrative speaking or consulting opportunities. It can enhance an author’s reputation in a defined target market.” (Barry Gibbons, former CEO Burger King and author of six books. )

SMALL businesses are also writing books – and benefitting:

“Having published books means I get a ‘Wow’ response from people – it provides me with credibility.” (Grainee Ridge – business advisor and trainer, Reading)

“Writing a book is an excellent marketing tool for being considered an expert in an area of business – and the advantages that come with that. Being looked at as an author gives me an edge over competitors.” (Simon Thurston – Marketing Consultant, Tetbury)

SO, what are you waiting for?

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