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Posted on November 1, 2013 in Copywriting, Training, Writing books

Using a social media group, and a thread I started in October 2013 which got over 200 replies (Yes, over 200 replies – which shows the value of Social Media!) …  here is their advice … 

‘What’s your ONE writing tip for would-be authors?’, I asked them.  

They said:

Their TOP SIX suggestions for you:

  1. Writing is HARD WORK … so be prepared…but PERSEVERE (no author ever regrets publishing a book)
  2. REWRITE and EDIT your work …  again and again …  use an editor before publishing.
  3. ORGANISE your writing time.  Establish a routine, remove distractions.
  4. KNOW your subject…. write with passion, from your heart.
  5. Get FEEDBACK on your work – not from  family or friends, but people who will be objective … and thorough
  6. READ books … to get ideas, learn from good writing … and bad!


Let me know your comments …

  • Does it equate with your experiences?
  • Is there something that they left out? 
  • What advice would you give to others?



The group on LinkedIn was BOOK Writer/Books and Writers (nearly 50,000 members)

This is the actual thread – you may need to join the group first to see the results (Sept/Oct 2013).





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