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Posted on May 28, 2014 in Training


LOTS of demand for my help these days… so it seems.

5 training courses delivered in 20 days last month.  Not all the same courses – nor the same clients:

  1. Get Blogging – University of Oxford (Department of Continuing Education)
  2. Writing for the web – Enfield Voluntary Action (for Directory of Social Change)
  3. How to write effectively – Army Families Federation (for Media Training, London)
  4. Writing for the Web – Oxford University (for Media Training, London)
  5. Minute taking – Reed Learning, London.


Let me tell you about these courses …


Blogging is taking off in the UK – gently.  “You heard it here first,” he says.  It’s already big in the US – where political bloggers have a big influence.  As for the UK…. people’s imaginations seem to have been fired up by stories of people winning fame and earning riches …

And they started their enterprise from a blog.  Like Jack Munroe.

Interestingly, my course was attended by 12 people… all women… all with ideas of things they might enjoy writing, share writing with others, and might make them money.  NOTE: I plan a follow-up course for the delegates in a few months’ time, to tune their skills.  In the meantime, Good Luck to all!


Writing for the web

My most popular training course.  I have delivered it over 50 times in 4 years to organisations – public, private and third sector – right across the UK…. be it in Newcastle, Norwich or Northern Ireland.

Note the clients and likely participants, above.  Yes, even elite university departments and colleges don’t have top-notch websites.  Like you, maybe, some have websites that are out of date, ripe for improvement … maybe more.  Let me know if you want some help.


How to write effectively

A favourite training course of mine… Why?  As a former journalist I have learnt all kinds of tips and tricks that I can share with others, to make their writing easier … How to write with ease and speed, Ways to make your writing memorable, Finding your right tone of voice.  (I used to write features regularly for The GuardianDaily Telegraph and others).

All sorts of people can benefit from this course… Press and communications officers, project staff, editors … from my experience, those for whom writing is a biggish part of their job, but may lack confidence, face multiple deadline and other pressures, or just want some fresh ideas.


Minute taking

Last but not least… Minute taking is one of many training companies’ most popular courses.  Why?  It seems that many secretaries, office dogsbodies, and people who can type, get thrown into the job… BUT … they don’t get any real briefing to help them in their task: about the meeting’s content, participants, what people want of the minutes, etc.

My course’s contents include topics such as the following…. Different types of minutes, working with the chair, how to make the job less stressful and more rewarding.


“Need any training,” he asks?





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